Beginning her service as a public school teacher and then serving on the Virginia Beach School Board, Rosemary Wilson has served our city with distinction for more than two decades.

For our Safety

Rosemary Wilson is a long-time supporter of our Police, Fire and EMS first Responders. They are our true heroes, and even in our darkest moments during the horrible shooting on May 31st, our heroes saved lives and prevented a terrible tragedy from being much worse. We owe them our best.

Rosemary Wilson opposes defunding the police and supports increasing police salaries to make sure we attract and retain the best.

For Jobs and Business

2020 has been a year of hard times, with months of economic shutdowns and restrictions ordered by the Governor. We need to get businesses operating full-time so that families and jobs can recover, while making sure the public is safe from the threat of COVID019. Rosemary Wilson has the experience to make sure Virginia Beach’s economy moves forward.

Rosemary Wilson also helped our new businesses by supporting a two-year exemption on the Business-Professional-Occupancy-Licensing (BPOL) tax so new businesses in Virginia Beach can begin earning profits sooner and are in the best position to succeed, thrive and grow. Rosemary Wilson also eased the burdens of businesses during the pandemic and cut taxes for Virginia Beach residents as well.

For Education

Educating our society’s children is one of the most important functions of our municipal government. Rosemary Wilson knows that we will only have one chance to give them the knowledge and tools they will need to face whatever challenges their future will hold.

As a former teacher, COVID-19 has changed education and moved students to virtual learning for the time being. As a former teacher, Rosemary Wilson understands the difficulties this creates and she has made sure our schools have additional funding to meet the challenge.

Rosemary Wilson was a lead-supporter in full-day kindergarten and increasing teacher salaries, which have suffered from slowdowns in state funding over the years.

For NAS Oceana and our Military

Rosemary Wilson has always supported our military.  She grew up in a Navy family, and when the BRAC Commission threatened to close NAS Oceana, Rosemary Wilson stepped up and led on a bipartisan basis to create a land use plan that not only saved the base and thousands upon thousands of jobs, but became a model for the nation in military-locality partnerships.

Rosemary has protected and defend NAS Oceana so they could continue their mission to protect and defend us while continuing to be a major component of our local economy.

For our Environment

Living in our coastal community has its own set of challenges that have to be met with care, commitment and respect for every stakeholder. As a member of Virginia Beach City Council Rosemary Wilson has:

  • Voted to fund the Dewberry Study on Coastal Flooding
  • Voted to increase funding to address flooding from 9% to 23% of our municipal budget
  • Opposed uranium mining in Virginia that had the potential to threaten our city’s water supply
  • Opposed drilling for oil off of our coastline that threatened our environment and tourism industry
  • Helped establish the Oyster Heritage Fund to re-introduce oysters to the Lynnhaven River
  • Gubernatorial appointee to the Intrastate Chesapeake Bay Local Advisory Board
  • Helped preserve and protect Pleasure House Point from development, insuring this natural treasure would be there for generations to come

For our Quality of Life

For years, the City of Virginia Beach has won awards and accolades for our fiscal management, effective government and high quality of life. As a member of Virginia Beach City Council and community leader, Rosemary Wilson has made a positive impact on many aspects of life in our city.

During her terms on City Council Rosemary Wilson has:

  • Begun the Students on the Swim (SOS) program to teach our less-fortunate school children how to swim at our recreation centers at minimal cost to the taxpayers
  • Founded the annual “Crush Cancer” event to raise money to fund research for rare cancers
  • Serves as the City Council liaison for the Historical Preservation Committee
  • Supported adding new bike lanes to approximately 130 miles of roads in our city
  • Supported the resolution to ban smoking in our restaurants that was passed into law by the Virginia Legislature
  • Serves as City Council liaison to the Virginia Beach Housing Advisory Board and assists in their efforts to provide more affordable housing throughout our city
  • Advocated for and voted to construct our new, state-of-the-art Animal Care and Adoption Center (2014)
  • Advocated for and voted to fund new bus shelters with benches for our public transit passengers