It’s Time to Address the Issue

During my 19 years of being a member of the Virginia Beach City Council, I am proud of my role in creating a city that boasts an unparalleled safety record, excellent school system, a strong economic base and thriving tourism industry while maintaining the lowest real estate taxes in the region and a AAA Bond rating! The one refrain I have heard repeatedly during this period is when are we going to “fix parking at the resort area”.

  • Citizens say: “The oceanfront is unwelcoming to the citizens of Virginia Beach and there is not enough parking.”
  • Oceanfront Residents say: “Employee parking in neighborhoods is bothersome and unsafe for employees.”
  • Oceanfront Businesses say: “Parking is clustered in select locations and is inconvenient for customers and residents. It is too expensive for our employees!”

This is one of my primary reasons for electing to run for the Beach District City Council Seat –to use my experience on Council to “fix parking at the resort area.”

Program Goals

  1. To provide high visible and convenient parking through the Resort Area for residents at nominal or “no cost”.
  2. To provide convenient employee parking sufficient to remove all parking from the resort neighborhoods and provide safer access for employees to get to their vehicles.

The Rosemary Wilson Plan

  • To identify strategic opportunities to develop parking options throughout the resort area sufficient to meet resort demand for residents and businesses.
  • To require developers to co-op with the City and provide a percentage of parking in any new parking structures for public and employee parking.
  • To allow developers and businesses to buy or lease long term parking in existing parking facilities so that the City would use those monies to buy additional land for parking and/or build more parking.
  • To dedicate a portion of every public parking facility to employee parking such that it is not only more convenient for the employee to get to their place of business, but also sufficient to replace the parking currently offered to employees therefore being able to remove parking from the resort neighborhoods.

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